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A list of features merchants get access to after registration and approval.

  • Money transfer
  • A seamless way to process credit card payments.
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  • Free support

Q&S and HowTos

These sections will help beginners start with online payment processing and answer questions some of the more experienced webmasters may have.

What every wannabe online merchant should know

To have your retail business up and running in the present era of mass consumption and tough competition is not a simple matter.  How not to be driven from the marketplace, but to stay competitive and increase your cash flow?

Payment Gateway Integration

If your business needs to provide an option for your customers to pay online with a credit card, you seek online payment service providers.  They are also called online payment gateways.

How do I integrate Streampay payment module in my shopping cart engine?

So, you have installed a fresh copy of your shopping cart engine, added a few products, and are looking for a way to accept electronic payments? That’s not a big deal. Just a few steps to let your customers pay with credit cards.

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